Pangalay (0'39)
Jolo, Sulu, Mindanao

Notation by Tranquilino Basat
MIDI sequenced by Noboru Suzuki

Pangalay is popular festival dance in Sulu.Pangalay generally connotes "dance" regardless of function or form.
A dancer wares a typical Joloano costume and uses janggay, extended metal finger nail, in each finger.Janggay is used in Indonesia, Thailand and some other areas in southeast Asia.
Panumping is a crown made of pastedboard.One or more dancers may participate in this dance.They play music with brass made Kulintangan, gongs and small drums(tambul).
The music is played as many times as necessary.
Note: Jolo is pronounced as Ho-Lo.

courtersy of Philippine Performing Arts Co., Tampa, FL.
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