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General Information
In hot climate, excessive activities are serious.
If you are not a good swimmer, remember your bag may be good life float. Don't be nervous but care in what you eat, drink, wear and do.The followings are travelers' health tips.

Sun glasses, suntan cream and a cap is necessary when you go out in day time. General speaking, it seems less hot than actual temperature in tropical climate. Wearing T-shirts keeps you from terrible sunburn and contacting jellyfishes when you swinm in the sea.

Tap water is not suitable to drink.Drinking water in plastic is available at sores.
Do not drink much water at once.Gastric juices made thin by water amd may causes stomch upset. If you get thirsty out side, drink water soon but not at once.

(3)Salt deficency
Heat exhaution causes salt deficency.It's charactarized by fatigue, lethargy and mussle cramps.
Don't avoid salt in hot climate.Yang coconut or buko juice helps you for balancing body fluid.

In general travelers must avoid undercoocked food to prevent from food poisoning, paracites and viral hepatitis. Fruits available at sari-sari stores are usually safe if you wash them before cutting.

(5)Insect bites
Many diseases such as Dengue Fiver and Malaria, are transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes. Travelers should avoido insect bites by putting insect repellent on their skin. Burning a mosquito coil is helpful to prevent you from insects. Dengue Fever is primarily transmitted by mosquitoes bites especially in resident places. The illness is characterized by high fever, headaches, joint and muscle pain. There is no vaccine. Malaria is also spread by mosquito bites except in some big cities such as Manila.

To prevent parasites, travelers should avoid eating unwashed vesitables and swimming or walking in fresh water and rice field.

Diarrhea is caused by not only food and water, but also by exhaustion.Local doctors may help you to disapera the symptoms for a few days.

(8)Medical problems and treatment
When you need medical help on your trip, do not hesitate to seek local doctors through your hotel. Local doctors know the local diseases.

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