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General information
There are about 200 resort hotels in Boracay. You may find a suitable place to stay after you arrive at White Beach. However tourists are recommended to reserve hotels before leaving for Boracay. Many hotels may be fully booked soon in a high season. Some hotels accept on-line reservations over the Internet.
There are tow types of accommodations, a cottage and a resort hotel. Accommodation fee is ranged from US$4 up to US$200 per night. Hotel prices depend on a season. High season is from November until the end of May and low season is from July until October. In low season, they discount prices nearly to 50% as it is windy and not popular with tourists in this season. Some hotels will charge you extra fee around Christmas time. Cheap hotels are not recommended if you are not well experienced in staying in rural areas in the southeast Asia countries. 
  1. Shower is available but a lot of places have no hot water shower.
  2. Air-con is available with additional fee.Standard room usually have a fan.
  3. Refrigerator is not necessary for short time visitors.Some hotels provide you refrigerator with additional fee.
  4. Restaurant is available in a standard hotel.
  5. Kiosk is in a stndard hotel.There is a supermarkets on white beach.
  6. Electricity is supplied in 220V 60Hz though voltage is not stable.Outlet type is so called A or C.
  7. Bathtub is not expected.
  8. Restaurants
    There are a lot of restaurants along White Beach. Ten percent service charge is usually added in a bill.In the case, tipping is not expected though it is still on your own will.

    Most of goods you need, such as films and batteries, are available at a hotel kiosk and shops along White Beach. If you require specific films and batteries, buy ones at your country.
    Why don't you try sari-sari stores mainly for local people.

Hotels and links
Well known hotels and those have internet homepages are introduced here.
Many hotels indicate prices in US dollars. We classified hotels according to prices for single standard room in high season.But our classification doesn't mean whether they are good or bad, and the prices may be changed. This is the best Boracay hotel links in the world at the moment. 

(1) US$150 per night and over

Culb Panoly Resort( 
Cottage type, along Punta-Bunga beach.The hotel is remote from White beach and other hotels. 
Friday's Beach Resort  Cottage type, along the white beach. 
Pearl of the Pacific Beach Resort Cottage type, near the boat station 1. 

(2) US$100 to US$150
Boracay Regency Beach Resort
Mirror site at geocities
Boracay Regency Beach Resort (
near the boat station 2. 
Boracay Plaza Beach Resort near the boat station 1, approx.US$100. 
Pink Patio Resort Boracay( Near the boat station 1. on the main road.English Bakery main is close. 
Lorenzo's Beach Resort South  at south of White Beach, from US$128 and more.
Lorenzo's Grand Villa  south end of Boracay, near Cagban beach, from US$128 and more. 
Lorenzo's Villas  south end of Boracay, near Cagban beach, the location is the same as the Grand Villa, from US$121 and more. 
357 Boracay Resort (  from US$125 and more. 
Paradise Garden Resort Hotel(Asiatravel)
Paradise Garden Resort Hotel(Paradiseresort)
between the main road and White beach, boat station 2 and 3.from US$120.00
Laguna De Boracay Village Resort in Bulabog, from US$119 and more. 
Mango Ray Resort  near boat station 2.bangalo type 4 rooms w/ aircon, refregarator and TV.US$110.00. 
Boracay Surf Side Resort  south end of White beach.(Home page is in Japanese language.) 
Willy's Beach Resort( near boat station 1. 

(3) US$50 to US$100
Red Coconut Beach Resort(
Red Coconut Beach Resort
between White Beach and the boat station 1, from US$45 up to US$94.Internet discount is available.
Boracay Hot Line (Japanese language) 
Sea Wind Boracay Island( US$80, w/ aircon, hot water shower and cable TV 
Titay South Beach Resort  in the south of Boracay, from US$65 to US$180. Philipino cultural dance show w/ dinner is available. 
La Reserve Hotel Beach Resort between Boat station 1 and 2, US$80.00, w/ aircon, cable TV 
Alyssa Resort Boracay Island  in Angol, /w air-con and hot water shower, US$80.00/room.Internet discount is available. 
Boracay Beach & Yacht Club  in Manoc-Manoc, US$120.00 for two nights w/ breakfast. 
Lorenzo's Beach Resort Main  between the boat station 2 and 3, US$59 and more. 
Boracay Beach Resort (  US$150/day/1-couple.This private house is equipped with cable TV, hot shower, balcony, bar, kitchen, dining room, living room, maid service. 
Sand Castles (  along White Beach, fan cooled villa US$50, w/ aircon US$61. 
Crystal Sand Beach Resort  1,300 pesos to 1,800 pesos. 
Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort  on north of White Beach. 
Alice in Wonderland Resort  along White Beach. 
Nigi Nigi Nu Noos near the boat station 2, no air-cons, 30% discount available with Email reservation.
Dive in Boracay (in Japanese language) 
Mila's Boracay Beach Resort
Mila's Boracay Beach Resort & El Toro Restaurant ( 
near boat station 1, (low season prices: from US$45 w/o aircon, w/ aircon US$55 and up) 
Music Garden Resort in Manoc-manoc, close to White beach. from US$75 and up. 
Mountain Resort Boracay  in Manoc-manoc, near White beach. from US$75 and up. 

Club Ten Beach Resort (
between boat station 1 and 2. US$130.00/single/2 nights, inclusions: daily set breakfast, roundtrip land & sea transfer. 
Le Soleil de Boracay ( Regular season twinbasis P4,200/person for 3days/2nights w/breakfast, transportation, Diving packages are available. 

(4) under US$50
Boracay Plaza Beach Resort  near boat station 1. US$50.00 w/ aircon,US$35 w/o aircon. 
Casa Pilar  near boat station 3, w/o atrcon P959, w/ aircon P2,000. 
Camilla Beach Resort  near the boat station 2, no air-cons, approx. 1,000 pesos. 
GREEN YARD Beach Resort
& Seasport Cente 
near the boat station 2, Email is available, approx. US$35 
Boracay Hideaway (  $19.80 w/o aircon, $29.70 with aircon 
Tin Tin's Cottage  300meters south of Boat Station 3, $8/Single, $12/Double, $16/Family. The Townhouse Hotel Manila also accepts your inquiry for the cottage. 
Banana Saging Guest House
US$20 w/ fan+bath, US$40 Aircon + bath, free laundry machine,TV-Video lounge, Internet, Online resevation is available
Waling Waling Beach Hotel(  P7,600 - 3days/2 nights, 23 aircon rooms, cable TV, hato/cold water. 
St.Vincent  approx. 300 pesos, no hot water shower.

(5) Carabao Island
Carabao Lodge Carabao island is located in 5Km north of Boracay.
US$935.00/11days including breakfast,lunch, supper and transpotation from/to Caticlan.US$85 per extension day.
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